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School Calendar

The School Calendar is posted and continuously updated on the JSS Website.

Daily Schedule

Junipero Serra School begins at 8:00am, Monday through Friday. Dismissal is at 3:00pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. On Wednesday of each week, students are dismissed at 2:00pm to facilitate faculty professional development.

Volunteer Obligation

All families have two volunteer obligations during each school year. The first obligation is to help with the Fiesta, a community-wide event held each year in late September in the historic courtyard at the Carmel Mission. All families are required to volunteer for one, 4-hour shift. The second obligation is the ATT Golf Tournament babysitting requirement. All families are required to volunteer for one 4-hour shift. For those families who choose not to participate, a $250 buyout will be assessed for each event during the course of the school year.

Fund Raising Obligation

During the spring, JSS families are required to sell (or purchase) thirty 50-50 raffle tickets ($5 each).

JSS Parents Association

The Junipero Serra School Parent Association (JSSPA), oversees annual volunteer fundraising efforts such as the Carmel Mission Fiesta and AT&T Babysitting. JSSPA organizes the Garden Club and Library volunteers. In addition, the JSSPA coordinates volunteers for room parents, Art Show projects, classroom projects, and family fun nights. JSSPA also manages outreach to both military families and new families, as well as outreach endeavors with the Parish. To contact JSSPA, please email

President / Garden Club
Monica Lal

Vice President / Room Parent Coordinator

Trischa Tuesta

Military / New Family Coordinator

Fritzi McDonald

Library Coordinator

Emma Vetter

Parish Relations Coordinator
Veronica Vasquez-Cardenas

Morning Extended Care (K through 8 only)

Junipero Serra School has a morning extended care (Morning Care) program to help those parents who need to drop off their children early (Kindergarten through 8th Grade). Morning Extended Care begins at 7:00am. Students are expected to use this time for quiet activities. The morning extended care rate is $5.00 per hour.

Afternoon Extended Care

The JSS After School Extended Care Program is designed to provide quality care with dedicated, caring staff members in a Christian environment. Activities are planned to complement the philosophy and value systems of the school and the family. Arts and crafts projects, games and recreation, story time, rest time and snacks are among some of the activities that are planned. There is also a quiet time set aside for homework to be completed, with resource materials available. The Afternoon Extended Care Program begins immediately following dismissal and closes at 6:00pm. The afternoon extended care rate is $5.00 per hour.

Extended Care Staffing

The Extended Care staff for K-8 students may be reached at (831) 624-8322, ext. 314.

Financial Aid

Junipero Serra School's financial aid applications are handled through FACTS Grant and Aid. Financial aid may be awarded to families who have demonstrated need and have completed the financial aid application process.

There are three ways to apply:

  1. Complete the application online, see the link below.
  2. Print out the application, see the link below.
  3. A limited number of paper applications are available. Packets are available in the school office.

All formats of the application require that you submit supporting documents and fees to FACTS directly. Financial Aid Awards are normally made the first week in May.

Online Financial Aid Application

Extracurricular Sports

The JSS athletic and physical education programs are intended to enrich the lives of all students with fitness and exercise through sports while teaching them sportsmanship and teamwork by introducing them to competitive sports. We believe in making every sport available to all our middle school students (grades 5 through 8). The after-school sports program consists of the following:

  • Boys and Girls Basketball
  • Boys and Girls Bowling
  • Boys and Girls Flag Football
  • Boys and Girls Soccer
  • Boys and Girls Track & Field
  • Boys and Girls Volleyball

There are no special requirements to participate in after school sports. All students are encouraged to play sports at the middle school level to prepare for sports in their high school years. However, students must maintain a “C” average in classes and must receive no less than a “2” in “Conduct” and “Homework”.

If there are many participants out for one sport, they may be separated into a JV and Varsity team. (8th grade students are unable to be on a JV team.)

At the end of each school year, an annual Sports Awards Night is hosted. The purpose of the awards night is to recognize all students’ participation in the after-school sports program. Having the awards night also allows the students to applaud their fellow classmates.

Most of the games are scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays except for volleyball games which are generally scheduled on Mondays and Wednesdays. Most games are scheduled at home since JSS has one of, if not the nicest, athletic facilities in the league. As always, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the after-school sports program, please contact Coach Panes, at

What is Just Run

For those of you who are new to JSS, JUST RUN!®, is an after-school program sponsored by the Big Sur International Marathon that has received accolades, both locally and nationally, for promoting health and fitness in our youth! We’re fortunate to have a great Physical Education program at JSS, so in our case, JUST RUN! is a fun addition to overall JSS fitness! It is free for JSS students in all grades, Preschool through 8, and activities are planned to accommodate all different ages and abilities. We try to meet once per week, gathering in the lunch area outside of the gym, where the students sign in with us, then the schedule allows for stretching, running, a snack, and a group game. Our goal is to have fun and be active!

Although we don’t usually meet on half days, we may even squeeze in a few of those! And please know that if your child attends Extended Care, they can still participate! We will walk your student back to Extended Care at the end of JUST RUN!.

This is an incentive-based program with periodic rewards for accumulated activity (including parent-verified activity at home) and good deeds! Our program is flexible, so if your child is unable to attend every week due to other commitments, he/she may track outside activity and report it when able to attend. Last year, our students accumulated enough miles to run across America…and then some! (And some of our runners even participated in 3K and 5K fun runs sponsored by the Big Sur International Marathon!)

Of course, we always welcome parents to join us for JUST RUN! In addition, parents of participants have always been great about signing up to bring snacks for given dates – thank you! Please let us know if you can help. Contact Monica Lal.

Coach Trischa Tuesta -, 831-333-6285
Monica Lal -, 831-277-2279