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Dear Alumni,

As principal of Junipero Serra School, I am honored by the important responsibility to lead JSS, and to uphold the benchmarks of academic excellence and faith formation that have defined the legacy of the school. Since I became the principal of Junipero Serra School, I have consistently experienced the school’s alumni to be strong and proud ambassadors of their school. The JSS alumni are most supportive and grateful for their Catholic education at Carmel Mission’s Catholic School, and they maintain a significant role in the vitality to advance the mission of their alma mater.

I share with you one of the Ten Reasons Why Catholic Education Still Matters, written by Reverend Ronald J. Nuzzi, Ph.D. Director, ACE (Alliance for Catholic Education), the University of Notre Dame. Fr. Nuzzi writes about the value of relationships as a reflection of the divine:

Catholic school students learn to experience God’s grace and presence in their lives through their relationships with family, friends and teachers. The loving and supportive relationships they experience are reflections of the love and life-giving dynamic of the Trinity. As a community we celebrate our successes and achievements. We share grief and downfalls. We unite together in solidarity, and even challenge each other to become better reflections of the divine. We are made for community.

The “We” in this statement is all of us – students, parents, teachers, parishioners, and alumni. Fr. Nuzzi’s insight reminds me of the importance of the alumni for their continued support of JSS through prayers and encouragement as we educate and model faith, academic excellence, and service to others in a faith based community.

Through this letter, I invite all members of the alumni to share in the celebration and support of Catholic education at JSS through various community building social events, school fundraisers, and to stay connected to the school through social media, specifically Facebook. As members of the JSS Community, your contributions of time, talent, and treasure, help us educate tomorrow’s leaders today.

May peace and God’s love continue to guide you.


Bruce J. Stewart
Junipero Serra School

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Volunteer! get involved! there are numerous ways to give your precious time to your Alma Mater.

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Featured Alumni

Jaclyn Todd, Class 2007

Her favorite memories of JSS were playing basketball, having a little buddy, art class, and traveling to Washington D.C.. She then went to Notre Dame High School in Salinas. She played water polo and was on the swim team. Upon graduating in 2011 she went to Humboldt State University in Northern California.

In college she joined Delta Phi Epsilon, a sorority with strong community service mission. Community service and helping others was an essential part of her growing up in Catholic Schools that the sorority was a perfect fit. In 2015 she graduated cum laude with a bachelors degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in marketing.

After graduation she moved to Indianapolis, where her brother is attending college, to pursue her MBA at the University of Indianapolis and graduated in August 2016. She is now working at OneAmerica in the marketing department in downtown Indianapolis. She working on social media campaigns and coordinate online and event based promotion strategy.