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Message from our Principal

Thank you for considering Carmel Mission’s Junipero Serra School!

Who we are:

Junipero Serra School is a Catholic School focused on educating the whole child. As a faith-filled and spiritual community, we nurture the moral, academic, social, creative, artistic and physical development of each child. Junipero Serra School (JSS) cultivates academic excellence and creative expression and guides positive character development incorporating Christian values of service, compassion and moral decision making. JSS is an inclusive learning community, welcoming all families and children who seek a safe and supportive learning environment that includes a spiritual dimension.

Where we are located:

Junipero Serra School is located in Carmel, California within the historic and serene Carmel Mission. The Carmel Mission, founded in 1770 by Saint Junipero Serra, was the headquarters of all the Missions in Alta California and is the only Mission today that has its original bell and tower. JSS was founded in 1943 and moved within the walls of Carmel Mission in 1945.

Junipero Serra School is. . .

. . . centered in the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus provides us with the most compelling example of the realization of human potential. The JSS learning community seeks to foster a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and follow His example to spread the Gospel message of love of God and service to the community, especially the poor and marginalized. All of our classes engage in activities designed to bring the Gospel message of service to the community to life. Middle School students take a class called the Serra Challenge, which is a student-led project based, service learning course. In the class they identify community challenges, create a business plan, propose solutions, launch their projects and become eligible for the “Serra Challenge Ripple-Effect Awards.” These awards act as seed money allowing students to multiply the effect of the award in service of the community. They are given the opportunity to be the CEO of their own student-led service projects in their local community.

Junipero Serra School is. . .

. . . distinguished by academic excellence. Teachers at JSS are engaged in an on-going process to ensure the highest quality of teaching and learning for our students. Our classes are small, allowing personalized learning and opportunities for individualized instruction. Teachers engage in regular professional development and exhibit a mindset of continuous improvement to ensure our curriculum meets standards, assessments benchmark student learning, and the latest technology is leveraged to meld the best of a traditional Catholic education with necessary 21st century skills and practices. We are accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the Western Catholic Education Association (WCEA).

Junipero Serra School is. . .

. . . committed to educating the whole child. Our philosophy is rooted in the conviction that human beings have a transcendent destiny, and education for the whole person must form the spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic capacities of each child. Aesthetic refers to the Arts and means that the student learning experience at JSS includes a significant emphasis on learning to appreciate and create art. The JSS student experience includes Visual Art and Performing Art. Our Art Studio includes a Kiln for clay work. JSS is blessed with a large auditorium and stage and student produce plays for the larger community. Our music program includes choir, strings and wind instruments. JSS is the only school in the area where all students learn Spanish beginning in Kindergarten through the 8th grade.

The Junipero Serra Campus provides a secure facility as part of the serene Carmel Mission. Our school is safe and has a close-knit family feel. I invite you to contact me to learn more about JSS and arrange an in-person tour!

Mr. Steve Henderson Principal