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Faculty & Staff

  • Ms. Melissa Rogers Administrative and Accounting Assistant
  • Mrs. Allison Searle Preschool Director
  • Heather Diaz Transitional Kindergarten
  • Mrs. Theresa Yarnell-Todd Kindergarten Teacher
  • Cynthia Ciardella First Grade
  • Denise Garcia Second Grade
  • Ms. Teresa Magee Third Grade
  • Ms. Barbara Arnold Fourth Grade
  • Mrs. Becky Craig Fifth Grade
  • Ms. Catherine Rowe Middle School
  • Mrs. Dee Rasco Middle School
  • Ms. Cynthia Garcia K-8th Grade Spanish
  • Coach Barry Panes PE Teacher /Athletic Director
  • Mr. Michael Blackburn Music Director
  • Mrs. Lynda Christensen Extended Care Director
  • Ms. Tracy Calhoun K Teachers Aide
  • Ms. Elizabeth Sillman Preschool Aide
  • Ms. Catharine McCammon Visual Arts
  • Ms. Stacy Meheen Performing Arts - Drama
  • Ms. Jeanette Favaloro 7th and 8th Grade Science Teacher